Rather than wondering how my future might turn out, I joined programs because I take my goals seriously.

Attending: Neumann University
Award Use: Tuition
Travel Stipend Use: TBD

Kipaji is direct. Nursing is a career she’s chosen for herself because it can provide her with financial security. She likes biology, and she studied STEM careers while participating in the Temple University Upward Bound Math & Science Program. Still, watching others in her family struggle with money and covering basic needs left Kipaji determined to create a life without that type of stress.

She applied to Upward Bound to provide herself with the community and mentoring that would help prepare her for college. She used this program to envision her potential career, interviewing the nurses she met to understand what their day-to-day work was like and what advice they’d give her as she started out. She also joined Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program for additional professional development.

Now she’s entering Neumann University—a member of the Class of 2023—and joining our community. When it comes to JMB Award, Kipaji’s excited about having a partner in her future financial and professional learning and development.

Photo by Linette Kielinski / Kielinski Photographers