Being a part of JMB Award meant I had a longtime friend and constant support.

Attending: The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College
Award Use: Tuition
Travel Stipend Use: Passport fees for school-related Tour of France trip

Personal and familial challenges helped Qyideera develop a firm inner compass and a strong sense of what she values, who she is, and what she wants to be. What that is is a chef.

Qyideera's school years involved a series of events leading to a loss of trust and freedom and a wealth of self-awareness and discipline. It was during this time Qyideera realized she was on a path to be someone she didn't want to be. So, she changed course.

Qyideera matriculated from a home school environment to Frankford High School, where she quietly but determinedly achieved honor roll, enrolled in AP courses, and served as a mentor with Frankford's Group Peer Connection. The Group Peer Connection is a program of the Center for Supportive Schools that matches selected high school juniors and seniors as mentors to incoming first-year students.

Sometime during this period, Qyideera discovered her love of cooking. This love led her to enroll in The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia.


Photo by Debbie McGeorge / Art + Life Photography