Love Series: Rona Buchalter, BOD

At JMB Award, we're fostering a community of love and support that lasts beyond a single day. That doesn't mean we aren't susceptible to the allure of days dedicated to love. In recognition of Galentine's Day and Valentine's Day, we asked members of our community to share why they love JMB Award. These are their stories. 

What I love about being part of the JMB Award board of directors is working with women, both those I've known for years and new young women I am just meeting, to create a program whose every aspect oozes positive energy. Once we figured out how to turn the vision into an actual program, we had the chance to get down to it with real candidates—meeting our finalists face to face in their own schools, retreats, dinners,  card-playing, care packages, financial education, and lots of texts!

Photo: Art + Life Photography

I've loved seeing Fran take this nugget of a half-formed idea and cajole and nurture it into a growing sisterhood network, relentlessly looking for new ways to offer meaningful support. And I especially love knowing that Jill, a woman equal parts fierce and gracious, would be thrilled to see us offering this kind of person-to-person support for young women getting themselves to the next step in their lives.

Thanks, JMB Award, for letting me be part of this ride!

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