Love Series: Stephanie Malsbury, Financial Cheerleader

At JMB Award, we're fostering a community of love and support that lasts beyond a single day. We asked members of our community to share why they love JMB Award. These are their stories.

What I love about being a JBM Award financial cheerleader is working with our young women to build financial literacy and being a resource for their financial questions. Financial literacy is empowering. It increases awareness of one’s finances, which in turn can inform decisions and make it possible to achieve financial goals—whether they are small, like having spending money to go out with friends once in a while, or larger, like planning for a semester abroad.

Photo: Art + Life Photography

Photo: Art + Life Photography

I love that recipients have a safe space to talk through financial issues one on one, and that they also have group sessions where they can share tips about reducing spending and spending more effectively. It’s great to be part of their exchanges about how to manage the cost of books or explain to friends that an activity is out of budget. Dialogues such as these build awareness and share techniques that allow all of us to improve our financial literacy.

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