Love Series: Jared Epler, Nominator

At JMB Award, we're fostering a community of love and support that lasts beyond a single day. That doesn't mean we aren't susceptible to the allure of days dedicated to love. In recognition of Galentine's Day and Valentine's Day, we asked members of our community to share why they love JMB Award. These are their stories. 

What I love about JMB Award is it recognizes young women who are so driven and have worked so hard not only to change their lives, but to change the communities that surround them.  

I nominate students each year because JMB Award offers them the opportunity to receive a quality mentor and funding to pursue additional educational opportunities. Often people say that our work is changing the world. I believe it is our students who will change the world—and we should make every effort to equip them with every opportunity we can.  

I believe that building a circle of support around us is critical to reaching the success we all desire. My JMB Award student is without a doubt one of the strongest, most empathic, and fiercely driven students I have ever met in my life. I am honored to work with JMB Award to be a witness and conduit to her greatness!

Jared Epler is the director of college counseling for Cristo Rey Philadelphia.

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