JMB Award Summer Service Project Helps Women Against Abuse

Community service is an elemental part of what we do at JMB Award. Our nominated students must have a track record of giving back to their community, and we hope they keep giving back on their own time. It makes sense that we couldn't wait to create an opportunity for us to give back together. 

That happened this past weekend when we held our first summer service project! Refathun Momo, our 2015 recipient, and Fran Melmed, our founder, designed a day in partnership with Women Against Abuse, an organization providing physical, legal, and political support to women and children escaping situations of domestic violence. 

We started with a hike along Forbidden Drive in Wissahickon Valley Park followed by a picnic, and then the work began. Together we stuffed nearly 50 individual bags of items for the women and kids before we participated in a Women Against Abuse workshop on speaking up for ourselves without putting others down. 

Thanks to ALL donors who helped us fill the bags without draining our budget!
Dana of Dr. Philip Springer's office holds kids toothbrushes for our bags.