5 Questions for Amy Chen

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For our celebrations recognizing our fifth award cycle, we invited several people to answer five questions about their JMB Award experience. Amy answered her five questions while on a bus returning to Juniata College. 

1. You're graduating! What are your plans?
I enlisted in the National Guard in December, so my plan after graduation is basic combat training or BCT. However, I have a two-to-three month gap between graduation and my ship date. My goal is to work on politics in Philly. I'll look into getting involved with a campaign. I worked on a number of campaigns during my internship with Kalik & Associates in D.C. in the fall, and I'd like to use that experience. 

2. You were JMB Award's first awardee. That gives you a lot of exposure and perspective. What five words would you use to describe the award?
Supportive, Family, Empowerment, Grit, Safe

3. What's your favorite JMB Award memory?
My favorite JMB Award memory is from when I was a senior at Science Leadership Academy. The entire JMB Award family came to my high school with cupcakes to award me the scholarship. It was a humbling experience, and it's been really cool to see how much this organization has grown since 2015.

4. How do you think the award has changed since 2015?
The JMB Award family expanded along with opportunity and resources. The mentorship program grew. There is more structure set in place. When I received this award, I wasn’t sure what my role was given that I was just a freshman in college. Four years later, everyone within the community is giving back. 

5. What do you hope JMB Award will be five years from now?
A mini version of the Obama Foundation, but through the lens of women and leadership.