The JMB Award is so different from many other awards. We not only provide financial assistance to awardees, but also a community awardees can continue to interact with and be a part of for as long as they choose.

Attending: Dickinson College
Award Use: Tuition
Travel Stipend Use: Travel between home and college (multiple trips)

Vicktoria has had her eye on college for many years, but she wasn't always sure she had what it took. It was a growing ambition, developing alongside her growing sense of her own capabilities.

During her first year at Academy at Palumbo, Vicktoria discounted AP courses as something not for her. Honors placement and a friend encouraging her to interview for the well-respected mentoring program, Philadelphia Futures, helped Vicktoria realize she does indeed have what it takes.

Her path toward college was momentarily rocked when she experienced a break with her family during senior year that led her to move out. But she righted herself, adding a job to her demanding course work. Tellingly, Vicktoria continued volunteering at her local library and kept doing so far past her school's required community service hours. 

Vicktoria graduated from Academy at Palumbo with a 4.04 GPA and heads to Dickinson to pursue her goal of becoming an optometrist. Her interest stems from her family's inability to buy new lenses for her, and a desire to make lenses affordable, in the future, to kids like her.

Photo by Debbie McGeorge / Art + Life Photography